How to use Grand Warden?

006Grand Warden is extremely useful unit in Clash of Clans, here is quick guide! The Grand Warden can snipe off the barbarian King and Archer Queen If exposed, without losing a single HP. They will stay there take damage until they are killed. I can usually see Heroes with bases outside while farming. This can also be very useful in the Clan Wars if you can use the Queen for cleaning buildings.
The Grand Warden is extremely useful to face the troll base. Most troll bases are built around intense defensive power concentrated in one place. One of my favorite ways to hit these bases is down some goblins in this place to clear the traps after that drop followed by some Giants and 15-20 Goblins then drop the Grand Warden and active capacity immediately. This spot is always a town hall or a dark Elixir storage. He can snipe off the Wizard Tower as well. Sometimes it is best to think of your Warden as additional spell. 005A raged barbarian king and the Barbarians nearby can clean all core If they have the Warden to fight with them. A group of Hog Riders can survive a double bomb giant If you take care of them enough and turned the eternal Tome on time. Many bases Wizard Towers in the outer ring with double walls around making it really hard to take them down, but the Grand Warden can easily shoot them down without taking a fireball with officiel Clash Of Clans Triche. Grand Warden and Archer Queen can snipe off any Town Hall. Just turn on the ability of the Archer Queen to boost its damage, dropping the Grand Warden and activate its true ability after that, your queen will have enough time to do the job, regardless of how it is protected. 007This combo is remarkably effective. Last but not least, the Grand Warden gives decent extra HP to all troops and buildings nearby on defense. Do not forget to place it close to your base, where critical defensive buildings are placed. I saw loads of bases with the outside line, this is a bad idea! Also, keep in mind that it gives a percentage buff for more HP to the castle of the clan, City Hall, Towers Inferno, X-Bows and Storage. A Town Hall 11, planning where to put it for the greatest benefit is very important!
We hope you can enjoy the full benefits of the Grand Warden after reading this guide. Do not forget to share this guide with your friends if you like it!

Beware of Cannons!

As you already know Clash of Clans is the game where defense is extremely important and creating a base with solid defense is a primary goal for any player in this game. At the first stages of the game you will rely on Cannon as primary defensive structure, so in this tutorial we will try to describe some interesting strategies and hints how you can use Cannon in this game.

Cannon is actually the first defensive structure that you will be able to build. Many players are designing the defense around Cannons at the beginning of the game. The reason for this is the fact that Cannon deals high damage to a single unit and therefore it is reliable defensive structure. Only,Cannon can not attack air units, it can attack only ground troops. At the beginning of the game you may think that Cannon is weak defensive structure, but if you continue with upgrades you will understand that it may become very solid and strong defensive structure. With upgrades Cannon gain a lot of offensive power and solid amount of hitpoints.To gain additional resources check Clash of Clans Triche et Astuce Gemmes illimité.

That is specially true on later levels of the game, where Cannon games a lot of DPS and additional health. It is, of course very important to understand where to place your Cannons. It is all around useful unit, and it will be is your first line of defense against Giants and Golems. Cannon is very fragile against air attacks, so the best possible strategy is to place one Cannon together with Archer Tower. You should try to place your Cannons at the edge of the base, trying to protect Walls and other Towers in the game. Once again, we should emphasize the significance of synergy, always place your Cannons with another Tower, Archer Tower or Mortar.

Be sure to upgrade all your Cannons before you are advancing on next Town Halllevel. That is very important, because your Cannons will be basic defensive line when you upgrade the base and start to deal with new enemies that will attack your base. Of course, it is not realistic to expect to upgrade all your Cannons at once, upgrade those on critical spots and advance to next level.Cannons are one of the best defencive structures in the game and they will save your base many times. Just remember to pair them with Archer Towers or Mortars and you will create a perfect defence line.

Avoid Common Landscape Mistakes on Instagram

Landscape photography is excellent way to attract huge amount of followers and to generate many likes on Instagram. If you need to increase the number of followers, we strongly suggest instagram hack app and you should try landscape photography as predominantly way of posting images on Instagram. But, there are some common mistakes that most of the amateur photographers are making, therefore we collected few tips and tricks that will help you to create some excellent landscape photography is.

Landscape photography is easy to make, you just need to find interesting landscape and try to catch beauty of the view. Sometimes small details in huge landscape can tell the story. By definition, landscape photography can be focus on nature or buildings and cities as well. Whatever your approach to landscape photography is, try to highlight the beauty of view without people on the scene. Landscape should present only the view, without any persons. Try to focus on shapes and natural forms, patterns and beauty of the nature. You can also focus on whether or natural phenomena like storms. One of the most common mistakes that many photographers are constantly committing is that they’re focusing on primary subjects such as mountain or field, but they are leaving empty space in front of the subject, empty foreground.

You should not concentrate only on your object; you should also pay attention to entire composition. Try to put objects in the foreground that will tell the story, and emphasize beautiful background. A simple cottage in the corner will just emphasize the magnificent of mountain in the background. Another very common mistake is neglecting importance of lighting and shadows in the images. Lighting and shadow can create all the difference in your photo. You should avoid harsh and sharp shadows, soft and tender lighting is a perfect for landscape photography.

If you cannot adjust time of taking photos, the best possible solution is to take photo in black and white. You can always make it a little better in postproduction. Try to catch a perfect light patterns that can emphases the beauty of the landscape, for example light in the clouds can create astonishing effects on beautiful surface of the lake. If you are not in the hurry, wait for the proper time of the day. The best landscape photos are made in the sunrise or sunset, when the shadows are tender and soft.

Astonishing Archer Guide

The archer is one of the most used unit in Clash of Clans and there is a good cause why it is so. In this short article we will try to explain the details that lay behind the fact that archers are vital units for almost every tactic on Clash of Clans battlefield. If you want to improve your approach and tactic in Clash of Clans start to sharpen your arrows!

Some players think that archers are not dependable because they have low health, but they are not made-up to play a role of tank, they have completely diverse role. Archers are second unit that you will get in Clash of Clans and they are the first ranged unit in the game. They also deal reasonable damage, but they are able to shoot over the walls. They are able to attack defensive constructions and towers behind the walls or, if it is essential to attack Clan Castle units. That is very important. They do not have large training time; they are created within seconds which makes them very adaptable and agile units. One more benefit of archers in Clash of Clans is the fact that they can attack ground and air units and they do not have any favored targets. . Another good magnitude that archers possess is their swiftness. So, if we need to review benefits of this unit they are low cost, fast training and great quickness. Upgrades are also very important because they provide a huge alteration at higher levels, mainly gaining more health in order to endure Mortars, and you can upgrade your archer easily with clash of clans hack and cheats.

Many players think that archers can be used only on low levels, but that is not right.Archers are very agile units that can be used in diverse situations. One of the most popular strategies is to combine barbarians and archers in one single army configuration.

This strategy is extremely good for farming because it is very loose and can be used in that purpose. You can use archers very efficiently to farm on developed levels of the game. Disadvantage of this unit is the fact that they are very breakable, so it is important to protect them with extra units or to keep them far away from Mortars. You can use Giants as a shield to defend your archers.In this tiny article we tried to describe archers, one of the most used units in Clash of Clans. Now, stop reading and start sharpening your arrows!

Ride PS4Review

Do you like motorbike simulations? If you do, you will certainly enjoy in RIDE, fresh, new game for Playstation 4 that will challenge you with many courses that reward actual skill in combination of beautiful simulation. You can find this game with 100% free psn codes to be as one of the best motorbike simulations available for Playstation 4.

At the beginning of your ride you may find that the game is challenging. It is easy to start, but if you want to advance you will need a lot of practice and actually this is a game that awards skill more than anything. Graphically it may look outdated, but if you are able to neglect that visual aspect you may find real entertainment and unique experience. Game requires a lot patience and micro management, you need to plan in advance, but you will be able to some of the most exciting motorbike contests. The game offers a lot of content, but we got impression that AI may be more challenging and the races in general should have more variety in terms of different bikes. Unfortunately, they are no other events than straight race and developers shoot pay attention to create larger diversity and more creative approach would solve the problem.

Nevertheless, game offers a lot of content, you will be able to race through real world tracks like Road America, Donington, Magny Cours or Imola. Those tracks can look a little passive, but they are the representations of real tracks. There are certain events that looks like Gran Turismo in some way, for example you will be able to buy different items and improve your bike. After MotoGP, MXGP and WRC this game is fresh and original approach to the motorbike racing niche that is certainly worth of investing. Developer Milestone tried to implement all the big names of the industry, so you will be able to drive a bike from 14 different manufacturers including some of the most famous one like Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki and others. They are 114 different bikes available in the game which makes this game one of the greatest titles in this niche.

From other side, environment does not reflect the same variety. It is more or less generic made with certain differences. The tracks layouts offer a lot of challenge and you will need to practice a lot if you want to become really good driver.Ride is one of the best motorbike simulations available forPlaystation 4. You will definitely enjoy in the ride…

Starting Clash of Clans Tips

Clash of Clans is extra popular strategic game with more and more players battling every day, trying to be best of the best! If you just start to play this game you will need helpful advice and we collected few very practical tips that may help you to start successfully in Clash of Clans.

At the beginning of the game you should concentrate on building strong defenses and you don’t have to worry about losing your structures, you should take care only about gold and elixir. You can easily gain additional resources via clash of clans hack to secure dominance at early game. When you’re logged in you will usually notice that you had been attacked and a lots of your buildings will be in the ruins. Do not panic, they will come back in almost 20 seconds. Building your base close to the edge of the screen would not stop attackers from their assaults, so do not try to build your village at that place. Remember that you must be able to defend your base from every possible direction. At the beginning of the game it is useful to build your structures together to take advantage of synergy. Be sure to place different kinds of towers to protect your structures.

Synergy means that your ground towers protect your air defense structures and air defense structures protects ground based towers. After you developed basic defense of your village you can work on increasing number of units. It is good time to join a clan and build clan Castle.Take advantage of extra units that you can get, they will be of great use if you joined a good clan. At this time you should get your third builder and invest in farming gold and elixir. It is good practice to place your Town Hall outside your walls, so enemy destroy it will give them victory with one star but it will save your resources and you will get protective shield.

At this stage of the game your goal is to protect resources, primary gold and elixir, so do not worry about win/lose ratio. Every time before you leave the game you should fill up your army camps and train as many wallbreakers as you can in each barrack. That will save your elixir when you log in the game again.We are hoping that our tips and tricks will help you to become a much better Clash of Clans player . Remember that practice is the key of all excellence and if you want to be a pro player there is no better way than to play another raid.